Deadpool is Fortnite's latest playable crossover cameo

Deadpool is Fortnite’s latest playable crossover cameo

Besides the skin, you’ll find a variety of limited-time in-game items to buy, including a fun microwave emote. This being Deadpool we’re talking about, expect to see the mercenary break the fourth wall when you visit the item shop menu and elsewhere. You’ll also want to make sure you make your way to the northeastern part of the map to see what he’s done with the yacht.

The anti-hero is the latest in a line of comic book characters to make an appearance in Fortnite. Superheroes and villains like Batman and Thanos have also made their way to the popular battle royale. If a movie like Kingsman appeals more to your taste, don’t forget to check out the bullet-stopping umbrella added this week as well.

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