Fortnite Adds Free Exclusive Skin For PlayStation Plus Members

Fortnite Adds Free Exclusive Skin For PlayStation Plus Members

PlayStation Plus members are getting a free skin for the PS4 version of Fortnite. This is the first exclusive cosmetic pack for the PS4 since December, with new skins releasing on PS4 every few months.

This skin, called the Point Patroller, is an exclusive ingame cosmetic pack that will only be available for Fortnite players on PlayStation 4. The Point Patroller features a blue/silver/black pallet that matches the Sony PlayStation aesthetic, with the Recon Strike as a backpack.

The skin is available on the PlayStation Store on April 14, just before the new Fortnite Update launched on April 15, for all PlayStation Plus Members with current subscriptions. Previously, these exclusive skins have only been available in-store for a few months, so make sure to download it while you still can.

If you’re behind on Fortnite at the moment don’t worry, because Season 2 of Fortnite has been extended until June 4, when Season 3 will begin. You have until June 4 to collect and finish all of the Season 2 exclusives and challenges, so you’d better get started.

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