Fortnite Season 3--Jason Momoa's Aquaman Joins The Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 3–Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Joins The Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has arrived, and it’s called Splash Down. While we’re still piecing together what has changed and what’s stayed the same, one major takeaway from the first trailer is that a member of the DC Universe has joined the fray as part of the new Battle Pass, and will be made available soon.

In the screenshot from the trailer below, you can distinctly see Jason Momoa’s Aquaman makes an appearance. He’s wearing the same costume that he did in James Wan’s 2018 movie, and we can also see the distinctive scar over Momoa’s left eyebrow.

For comparison, here’s Momoa as he appears in the film. He’s looking a bit more chilled out in the game.

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Aquaman is a part of the Season 3 Battle Pass, so you can get your hands on him in-game–but not right away, as he’ll be arriving later in the season. You can see the trailer for that below.

We’ll update with more details–and guides–as more details come to light, and as we dive deep into Fortnite’s new oceans.

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