Fortnite surpasses 350 million registered players

Epic Games’ Fortnite has officially surpassed 350 million registered players across all platforms, a milestone that comes as the company is doubling down on the experience-focused elements of its game world with recent additions like the combat-free Party Royale mode and last month’s in-game Travis Scott concert.

That concert pulled in 27.7 million unique participants across a single weekend, and Epic Games notes in this most recent update on Twitter than the entire month of April saw over 3.2 billion hours of play time.

While Fortnite launched as a premium, survival game back in the summer of 2017, the free-to-play battle royale mode launched later that year quickly became the game’s big hook and what attracted millions to the title. While the battle royale game’s momentum has slowed since those early days, this most recent milestone means around 150 million more players have sfortniteskinsgeneratored up to play in just the last year and a half alone.  

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